What is "transliteracy"?

The "transliteracy" encompasses the three meanings of Information = news (in relation to the press device) = Information document (in relation to digital media), Information = data (in relation to social, occupational and cognitive Web ).

It is two levels of interaction with information :

  1. The layout multimedia which requires to be able to read, write and count with all the tools available (from the page to the picture, the book wiki);
  2. The multi-domain master who demands to be able to search, evaluate, test, validate, modify the information on its use of relevant contexts.

It supports two significant cultural developments on cultural and symbolic behavior :

  1. The editorial content of the information that is organized around networks, where communication machines and programs "documents" acquire a radically original plasticity, own artificial languages ??based on the computation and computer science,
  2. The transferability of different practices and skills in informational contexts differentiated.

In this perspective, the term therefore means all interaction skills, implemented by the users of all means of information and communication available: oral, textual, iconic, communicational, digital, etc.